Chester Terrapins Swimming Club

Chester Terrapins Spring News (May 2011)

New Website!

This website was launched back in January, but it has now been announced in this month's (paper copy) newsletter. Want to tell us what you think, or write something for the website? It can also be about what you do on a swimming night or what you think of the club.

The webmaster's (Patrick Rooney) and the secretary's (Diane Rooney) email addresses are available on the Contact Us page, although you can also tell us or one of the committee members in person.


In January this year the club received a £1,000 donation from the NatWest Community Fund. Part of the money has been spent creating the website and some of it will go on paying for a picnic day out in Grosvenor Park followed by a boat trip on the river on Saturday, 13 August. We shall be collecting names in late June for this event.

Polo shirts

It’s been a long time since we had new polo shirts. If you think you'd like a new one, please let Lorraine know. They will be £9.00, feature our logo and in the club colour (turquoise).

Future events